our journey of improving people’s lives

Innovators in healthy skin for OVER 25 years

PCA SKIN was founded in 1990 as Physician’s Choice of Arizona. Today known as Physicians Care Alliance.
For over the past 25-year history, our line of blended chemical peels has expanded to include treatment options for all skin types, ethnicities and conditions.
Over one million PCA SKIN peels are performed globally each year.
The PCA SKIN R&D, product development and quality assurance processes are above and beyond industry standards.
Our formulas are researched, designed and executed by our in-house PhD chemist.
We address each skin condition holistically, with products combining the newest and most efficacious ingredients paired with proven, tried and true ingredients to create unparalleled, visible results.
We have a solution to address a wide variety of skin types and conditions.

Mission and Vision

PCA SKIN® has been and continues to be a trusted innovator in the development of highly effective professional treatments and daily care products

Improve people’s lives by providing results-oriented skin care solutions that are backed by science for the health of your unique skin

Why choose PCA

- Formulation philosophy:  Safe and effective products clinically backed research and science
- Efficacy: Extensive product testing all finished products are tested with patients in medical practices
- Ingredient philosophy: We formulate with ingredients found naturally in the skin and body for maximum compatibility
- No animal testing: A zero tolerance philosophy. Our ingredients are safe on human skin
- Peeling ingredients: Well-tolerated, safe & effective Dramatic results when used in conjunction with a daily care regimen
- Progressive approach: More is not always better. We build from one treatment to the next to ensure your skin is ready for the next step